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K9 Koordinator Groomer: management software for pet grooming services

K9 Koordinator Software

K9 Bytes® has provided the pet care industry with innovative solutions for over twenty years. K9 Koordinator for groomers is designed to efficiently and easily manage scheduling, clients, pet information, grooming services, and retail information. You can even process credit cards directly through our programs! Grooming is a major part of our pet care management software packages. Throughout our existence, K9 Bytes® has always listened to the ideas and suggestions of groomers just like you. We find that through collaboration, cooperation, and communication with groomers, we can bring small, large, and mobile groomers the best software solutions the industry has to offer. You don't need to keep your paws crossed waiting for something good to happen... K9 Bytes® is here!


Schedule a Free Live Demo and see all the bells and whistles for yourself. Also, check out the grooming highlights of the K9 Koordinator Groomer Edition in this video presentation. Lastly, download the latest version of our software and play around with the 30 day free trial demo system.

Software Track Record

The K9 Koordinator is a program with over 20 years of development and usage in the pet care industry. We, at K9 Bytes® software, feel is important to show our longstanding and exemplary record in the pet care industry as software developers. For example, the 2007 version of the K9 Koordinator, Olympus, was tested for 11 months in The United States and Australia at 6 beta-tester facilities. We issued over 130 upgrades over its predecessor. Please, check out our track record timeline for the K9 Koordinator and other K9 Bytes® products.

Who can use the K9 Koordinator Groomer?

K9 Koordinator Groomer users include grooming shops, single groomers, and mobile groomers. Depending on the size of the grooming shop, we offer different versions of the software.

The K9 Koordinator Groomer was designed for grooming shops and salons that don't provide boarding, daycare, pet training, or other pet care services. For facilities that provide any of these services, we offer the K9 Koordinator for Pet Resorts.


Is the K9 Koordiantor easy to use? Some sample tasks

The K9 Koordinator was designed for people who might not know a lot about computers. To glance at our easy-to-use interface, take a look at the following three examples of common tasks in our software:

1. How to search for a client?

2. How to book a grooming reservation?

3. How to determine availability?

Also, check out a brief list of general capabilities of the system.


K9 Koordinator Groomer Versions

K9 Bytes® offers 3 versions of the K9 Koordinator Groomer management software. Each version is targeted to fit the business size, number of employees, and budget of your facility. For smaller facilities we offer the LITE version, for larger ones we offer the PRO or NET version depending on how many terminals you might need to run your business effectively. Note that you can always upgrade from one package to the next one as your business grows. For current K9 Koordinator Groomer prices please visit our online store.


Version Capabilities Comparison
K9 Koordinator Version Grooming Mobile Grooming Unlimited Groomers Credit/Debit Card Processing (1) Retail Other Pet Care Services (2) Unlimited Customers Unlimited Computers
Groomer LITE Feature Check Feature Check Feature Check Feature Check Feature Check - Limit to 600 Customers (3) Only 1 Computer (4)
Groomer PRO Feature Check Feature Check Feature Check Feature Check Feature Check - Feature Check Only 1 Computer (4)
Groomer NET Feature Check Feature Check Feature Check Feature Check Feature Check - Feature Check Feature Check

1 Additional Hardware might be required depending on the processing options. For prices check our online store.

2 Other pet care services refer to boarding, daycare, pet training, and similar features available only in the K9 Koordinator for Pet Resorts.

3 In the LITE version the customer "Delete" feature has been disabled. However, customers can be set to "Inactive," but they will still count towards the 600 limit.

4 The K9 Koordinator software can only be installed in one computer.


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