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Interested in grooming? All capabilities in the K9 Koordinator Groomer version are also included in the K9 Koordinator for pet resorts. This page only provides a brief glance at the many grooming capabilities of the K9 Koordinator.

Pet Grooming Features

groomer and dogGrooming is a major part of our pet care management software packages. With direct feedback from many pet grooming shops around the nation we offer a complete solution for any type of grooming service you might want to offer: small grooming shops, large grooming kennels and pet resorts, mobile grooming, and others.

Please look at a few important grooming features offered with our software:


Grooming Reservations

bullet Fast Scheduling.
bullet The reservation system is very similar to the rest of the reservation-booking mechanisms in the K9 Koordinator.
bullet Ability to book grooming reservations for years in advance.
bullet Multiple pet scheduling for the same family.
bullet Multiple booking allowed for the same day.

bullet Automatic email reminders are send as soon as the reservation si booked.


Mobile Grooming

bullet Create mobile grooming groups determined by regions that you service.
bullet Assign mobile grooms for each groomer or van using time slots.

bullet Email daily groom schedules directly to your groomers or vans.

bullet A Groomer's vacancy for only mobile groomers is available, which will exclude all non-mobile groomers.

Groomer's Vacancy Screen

bullet A receptionist booking reservations can visualize how many grooms each groomer has within a week, how many baths and hair cuts, and how much time approximately has been already booked in each day.

bullet During set up you can specify how many hours of work each breed roughly represents. There are grooming modifiers that can be specified; such as Bad Shape or Good Shape, which can be used to modify the base time (for example, a bad shape pet will be double the base time, and good shape half). During set up, you can specify a charge per hour of work and the system will smartly add the modifier, the breed, and the base time to calculate your approximated total.


Groomer's Features

bullet Each pet can be assigned a preferred groomer. Preferred groomers will be loaded as default groomers when making a reservation. Groomers have daily limits based on number of pets or breeds they can do in a day. If booking a reservation would be violating this daily limit a message will appear alerting the receptionist, they can then check the availability screen for other convenient time/day for the same or different groomers.
bullet Time off scheduling for groomers only working so many hours in a day or not working at all.
bullet Set up groomer limits by number of pets per day, hours of work, breeds, hair cuts and baths, among others.
bullet Grooming Worksheet with pets information and relevant grooming history.

bullet Certain groomers have expertise with different breeds; for example, if only a specific employee knows how to groom Standard Poodles he will be selected as default when making grooming reservations.



bullet Discount for pets that frequently groom with you.
bullet Customized messages that appear in bills for pets that come for grooming only.
bullet Automatic recommended next grooming date printed in bill.
bullet Send grooming reservation reminders with our mailing system, through postcards, letters, email, etc.
bullet Complete grooming history for each pet available from the pets file.


Communication Tools

bullet Use our mailing system to print or email postcards, thank you notes, reservations reminders, and so many more. Create your own templates to use with our mailing system.
bullet Ability to send a boarding check out bill copy through email.
bullet Exclude customers from email or mailing lists.



bullet Our software system was designed to be fully automated, which means that once it is set up, all automatic discounts will be applied when needed, without the need to for an employee to do so. Automatic discounts for 2 or 3 pets are available. Automatic discounts such as Long Term Boarding, First Customer, or Senior Citizen that will automatically adjust bills at check out, even for multiple pets being checked out at the same time. We have 14 different discounts designed with the feedback of several boarding, grooming, and training facilities all over the country.



bullet Global commission or different commissions for each groomer.
bullet 3 different commission bonuses for groomers than make over a certain amount of money for the kennel. These bonuses can be set up as a fixed amount, or a percentage of the total amount generated by the groomer.


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