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K9 Koordinator CORPORATE

Our new CORPORATE edition of K9 Koordinator features SQL server technology from Microsoft, what does that mean? It means the software is designed to support a larger number of concurrent users and computers in network environments. MS SQL server has a scalable platform with the ability to grow with you, as your business grows. Unfortunately there is no definitive rule-of-thumb to follow when deciding if the CORPORATE edition is right for you  (there are a number of variables involved, including behavior of users, amount of data, available hardware, bandwidth, among many others); nevertheless, we recommend our CORPORATE software for high-concurrency businesses or businesses using five or more workstations.


Differences between CORPORATE Edition and NETWORK Edition

Based on the technical differences between the database infrastructure of the K9 Koordinator CORPORATE and NETWORK editions, we recommend larger facilities with 5 or more computers use our CORPORATE software. The main advantages of using our CORPORATE software is increased reliability as the number of concurrent users and workstations grows, as well as reduced network traffic and increased speed performance.

Bullet The NETWORK edition uses a file shared server provided by Microsoft Access.

Bullet The CORPORATE edition uses a client/server database provided by Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Bullet At this point there are few functional differences between the NETWORK and CORPORATE versions; however, in the future the CORPORATE version will include new tools and features designed for larger facilities that will not be available in the NETWORK version.

  • The first enhancement designed for larger facilities is a new security system that has 191 security settings. Other versions of the K9 Koordinator have 40 security settings. In addition to a larger amount of security settings, the Corporate version allows employees to be restricted to use any desired number of reports. Other versions of the K9 Koordinator can allow/restrict access to 6 types of reports, i.e. clients and pets, financial, general, security log, business totals, history and transactions.


Please also visit our K9 Koordinator basic specification page for additional information.


Technical Differences between Microsoft ACCESS and SQL SERVER Technology

Microsoft ACCESS is a true relational database management system (RDBMS) as is SQL SERVER but they differ in their architectural structure. The SQL SERVER architecture is the main reason for which many larger businesses would benefit from using a Microsoft SQL SERVER database rather than ACCESS. ACCESS uses a file server design and SQL SERVER uses the Client/Server model. With the Client/Server model the database server takes up the load of processing any database related activity and the client does any validation aspect of database. As the work is distributed between the entities it increases scalability and reliability. Also, the network traffic also comes down as compared to a file server environment. In terms of reliability, each client directly interacts with the ACCESS file, in case there is some problem in the middle of a transaction, there are chances that an ACCESS file can get corrupt. SQL SERVER can rollback transactions to reduce the possibility that the database will be left in an incomplete or corrupted state. There is a lack of definitive technical differences published by the manufacturer making it hard to specify other technical differences. However, in general terms SQL SERVER is recommended over ACCESS mostly as more concurrent users are needed.




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