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Biometric Manager

Check out the highlights of the Biometric Manager in this video presentation. Biometric manager

Biometrics is the ability to identify a person by a physical characteristic such as fingerprints or retinal scans. Sounds like something from a James Bond film, right? In actuality, biometrics can simplify your business, reduce costs, and easily enhance security.


Biometric fingerprint scanners can help reduce your business costs in a myriad of ways. They can closely monitor employee reliability by keeping more accurate and honest records of employee attendance. They can reduce support costs in maintaining lists of lost passwords, and save money when used instead of continually replacing expensive but easily lost ID cards. 

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanners are a great way to simplify the lives of you and your employees. With all the different web logins it’s a common for an employee to forget their password, what do you do? Spend all your time resetting employee passwords? Why not employ a system that doesn’t involve any of these headaches? It’s as simple as walking up to the desk, and setting their finger on the pad, and they’re clocked in/signed in. The fingerprint scanners also serve as a digital time clock to simplify the process of keeping track of employee attendance; no more manually adding hours or making sure employees are not having other employees punch in and out for them.

Increase K9 Koordinator Security

bullet Fingerprint scanners can offer enhanced security by restricting access to computers and K9 Koordinator areas that need additional security beyond a typical password which can be lost or shared with unauthorized users. Biometric scanners also keep a record of who has last accessed an area or a specific file so that a virtual paper trail is always accessible to know who is truly accessing your files and secure areas.


bullet Fingerprint scanners are a great way to simplify, authenticate, and expedite your employee clock-in/out process.

K9 Koordinator screenshot K9 Koordinator screenshot


bullet Enroll your employee fingerprints and grant security access only to necessary areas. It is not uncommon to have a terminal for employees only to clock in/out. In the K9 Koordinator you can have employees only have access to the time clock feature, and not any other security sensitive areas.

K9 Koordinator screenshot


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